Branded Content
Video Production


Chris Erickson, Creative Director
Nathan Crawford, Strategist
Bruin Alexander, Photography
Ryan Neal Cordwell, Video & Editing

We took Corkcicle to Iceland for some old-fashioned adventure.

Corkcicle makes premium canteens that look great and take punishment. When the sun’s out, they keep beverages cold. In the darkness of winter, they keep stuff hot. Damn it if they don’t look good doing it.

With snowy boots and misted parkas, we traversed Iceland’s bitter tundra to document the Corkcicle lineup in the conditions they were designed to withstand. We came back with videos for social, a three-minute brand spot and a photo catalog of gear in action across the magic land.

“The Brand Adventures team at Parliament has a job everyone wishes they had. In spite of our jealousy, we received incredible footage of our products. Brand Adventures offers a unique model for the demands of a brand today where there’s always a need for more high quality content.”

—Stephen Bruner, Corkcicle

Land of fire and ice.

From Hellnar to Húsavík, we sought the wild of the isle. What we got was nasty gale winds and raw, unrelenting terrain. Four-wheel-drive in low, we crawled rock, crushed ice and forded fjords. For real. Viking-helmet bravery got us through it. Few places on earth are as cold or beautiful. We’re honored to share some of our favorites.

All the country's finest.

Grundarfjörður is a quaint 1,000-person town about 105 miles northwest of Reykjavík. It serves as a jump point to the peninsula’s abundant natural wonders. Nearby Kirkjufell, or Church Mountain, is famous for its Northern Lights views. Snæfellsnes National Park caps the westernmost front and extends into the sea. Home to Iceland’s symbolic Snæfellsnes volcano and glacier ice cap, lava tubes channel water into falls supplying rich vegetative and birdlife preserves.

Some postcard potential.

Skógáfoss is one of Iceland’s largest and most iconic waterfalls. It cascades 200 feet from the highlands and onetime sea cliff. A short scurry up slick moss and rock trail offers panoramic views from atop and behind. When weather cooperates, spray casts sunlight into idyllic bands of color.

Legends of rock.

The island’s famed South Coast is home to a stretch of its most impressive black sand beach. Cavernous and haunting, massive basaltic columns rise up a jagged cliff face. Ferocious seas pound the beach and Reynisdrangar sea stacks—petrified trolls cast into folkloric stone.

Chips off the old block.

The massive lake on the southeastern coast blurs the fringe between land, Vatnajökull National Park, and the sea. Carved by the park’s Breiðamerkurjökull glacier and deepened by its melt, blocks calve to reveal ancient blue bergs. Neighborhood seals feed on shoals of fish, stocked from tide to tide.

Wander out yönder.

Over 8,000 sprawling square miles of varied landscape house only 13,000 people. Its biggest resident, the Vatnajökull glacier, boasts the island’s most plentiful ice cap. Along the coast, the Eastfjords and tiny fishing villages charm. Southeastern Stokksnes Beach provides Game of Thrones views of Mt. Vestrahorn.

Takk it’s a wrap.

Huge thanks to Stephen Bruner and the Corkcicle crew for making this happen. Props to Ryan Neal Cordwell and Bruin Alexander, as well. Iceland beckons soon return, and when we do, toasty Corkcicle canteens will be handy.

The wild calls. What’s your answer?